Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The close-up view of the Shadow Work Embroidery

Check the close-up of the stitching. It is said that bright, dark colours should be used as the stitches need to be visible to the front side of the material. But I used a mix of bright colurs and fade colours. The fade coulurs I used had a luminus touch so it didnt have a problem of visibility.

Share your stitching experience with me or comment on my stitching you are most welcome. :)

The rear-view of the Shadow Work Embroidery

This is the back-view of my Shadow Work Embroidery. You can get an idea of the stitches I have used and how it looks. In Shadow Work the stitches need to be very neat, the stitch ending knots need to be tiny, strong and should be hidden as the stitching is done on a transeparent material.

Here is the full-view of the Shadow-Work Embroidery.

I have used several colours of cotton floss single-strand for all the items on the stitching. The embroidery is done on a white organdy material.
For the flowers and leaves on the middle of the embroidery I have used herringbone stitch( shadow work) done on the rear of the material. The tiny flowers on the border of the stitching were done using buttonhole stitch on the front side. Shadow work embroidery usually needs a lining material to go with it.